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Petition Processing Portal (PPP), Government of Tamil Nadu
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Frequently Asked Questions on Petition Processing Portal, Government of Tamil Nadu, therein:

1)  What is the purpose and objectives of Petition Processing Portal?

Purpose: The Petition Processing Portal (e-District GDP) is an integral part of the district administration and the related departments in their day-to-day office work. It facilitates the public to submit the petitions of their grievance as well as to view the status of the petitions at Collectorate/RDO Office/Taluk Office counters, CSCs and Online. The petitions are forwarded by the Collectorate to the concerned office(r)s of all the Departments that process the petitions by forwarding the petitions back and forth hierarchically down the line till the action taken by the concerned officer is accepted by the Collectorate. The Collectorate can monitor the petition processing. It can be used by any Department / Organization / Municipal Body with their own hierarchy.

Objective: The objective of the portal is to ensure speedy, convenient and effective redressal of citizen issues by the administration.

2) In which languages can I submit a Petitions?

You can submit petition in either Tamil or English language.

3) How can I submit Online Petitions into the portal?

The general public can submit their grievance petition to this Petition Processing Portal (PPP) using the link URL: After the initial scrutiny, the submitted petitions will be forwarded to the Concerned Officer and processed. For each petition, the petitioner will get an SMS on both submission and final disposal of the petition. Anyway, a mobile number is mandatory to avail this facility (This will ensure that the grievance is being filed by a citizen with valid identity). The language of the petition can be Tamil or English. Note: The petitions can also be submitted at Collectorate/RDO Office/Taluk Office counters and CSCs.

4) Can I attach a supporting document to the petition?

Yes. While submission of the petition, Petition copy / Supporting document subject to the maximum file size 1.5 MB can be uploaded. Only PDF or JPEG should be uploaded. If you have many files, combine them into a single file. You need to click on the Browse button to upload the same.

5) How can I Check the status of the Petition already submitted by me?

Using the link URL:, a petitioner can know the status of the petition submitted by all modes of submission including Collectorate / RDO Office / Taluk Office counters, CSCs and Online. To use this facility, the petitioner should know the Petition Number provided by the system at the time of submitting the petition.

The petitioner can send the petition number as SMS to 155250 to know the status of the petition submitted by all modes of submission including Collectorate / RDO Office / Taluk Office counters, CSCs and Online by reply SMS.

QR Code in the Acknowledgement can be scanned using QR Code reader on a smart phone to check the status of the petition.

Also, the status of the petition can also be known at Collectorate/RDO Office/Taluk Office counters and CSCs.

6) What is the procedure followed by the Petition Processing Portal to keep the aggrieved citizen updated on his petition?

On successful submission of a petition, an e-acknowledgment is auto-generated by the system. The petitioner will get an acknowledgement SMS on Submission and Disposal of the Petition. Also, using the link URL:, a petitioner can know the status of the petition.

7) After disposing a petition, can the petition be reopened?

Yes. In such situations, the citizen can squote the old petition number to the concerned officer who will reopen the petition for further processing based on the merit of the petition.

8) Why do I need to enter Security Code (Captcha)?

Security Code (Captcha) is a security tool that is used to ensure that the petition is being filed by a legitimate citizen and not a spammer or machine.

9) What if Security Code (Captcha) has been wrongly entered?

You will be presented with a new Security Code (Captcha) which you need to enter correctly to proceed further.

10) What should I do if the Security Code (Captcha) is not clear ?

In such a case, press refresh button next to the Security Code (Captcha) and you will be presented with a Security Code (Captcha).

11) What if I do not receive OTP on my mobile?

If an OTP is not received within 120 seconds of filing the request, a button "Resend OTP" will be enabled on the screen. A fresh OTP can then be requested by clicking on this button.

12) What should I do if the portal stops responding or displays an error?

Refresh the browser. If you still face the issue, log out and log in again.

13) Can petitions be submitted via post / email?

If the petition cannot be submitted at the office counters, it is advised to submit the same online. Petitions sent through post/e-mail will be entered into the portal provided the petitions are received properly. If such petitions are not received for any reason, it will not be entered into the portal. However, the portal does not guarantee the processing of such petitions.

14) What should I do if my petition is pending for long or action taken is not satisfactory?

If your petition is not processed for long or the action taken is not satisfactory, kindly contact the concerned office / department.

15) What should I do if I am not able to login to the portal with the given User Id and Password?

Contact respective Disposing Officer / NIC Officers to know your User Id and Password details to log in to the portal.

16) What should I do to reset my Password?

Contact respective Disposing Officer / NIC Officers to reset your Password.

17) Is there any mechanism to provide feedback about the quality of resolution provided for my petition?

This option will be made available soon.

18) I have a question that was not answered in this FAQ. What should I do?

Contact the concerned office / department.

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