1. Any NRI Petitioner who desires to submit grievance can use this facility and submit by online to the concerned department/organization.
2. A petitioner Email address is mandatory to avail this facility (which may be used to find the identity of the NRI Petitioner.
3. The language of the grievance can be only in English.
4. On clicking at " Online Grievance - N R I ", the petitioner has to fill the required details (Email address, Security Code and OTP) on the model window that will appear.
5. The fields marked * are mandatory while the others are optional.
6. The text of the grievance may be written at the prescribed column.
7. At present, the text of an grievance that can be written at the prescribed column is maximum to 3000 characters only.
8. In case an grievance contains more than 3000 characters, prepare your grievance with necessary details and Generate a PDF or JPEG file for your grievance details along with copy of your passport in a single file or Generate a PDF or JPEG file for your passport in a single file of maximum 1.5 MB size. It can be uploaded as an attachment, by using column Upload Grievance Copy / Supporting Documents (Optional)
9. For each grievance, an acknowledgement with the unique grievance number and QR Code will be provided which may be used by the petitioner for any references in future. Also, the petitioner will get an SMS on both submission and final disposal of the grievance.
10. After the initial scrutiny of the grievance and the attached documents, the submitted grievance will be forwarded to the Concerned Officer and processed.
11. A petitioner can know the status of the grievance submitted by Online. To use this facility, the petitioner should know the Grievance Number provided by the system at the time of submitting the petition. Also, QR Code in the Acknowledgement can be scanned using QR Code reader on a smart phone to check the status of the Grievance.
12. Petitioner have to read and understood the guidelines along with Terms and Conditions of this Portal.